“I hired someone to take 20 bottles and put it into my garbage disposal.” – Abortionist Renee Chelian

According to the abortion industry’s own experts, medical waste companies such as Stericycle are the abortion industry’s weak link.

See how to defeat Planned Parenthood.

The Ohio Attorney General recently reported in Planned Parenthood Investigation Summary Regarding Disposal of Aborted Fetuses that Stericycle disposes of fetal remains for Planned Parenthood (PP) facilities in Ohio.  Further, Stericycle is Planned Parenthood’s main medical waste service provider in America.

Read the transcript of Attorney General DeWine’s press conference exposing Stericycle’s enabling of Planned Parenthood to kill children.

  • Read about the Stericycle lawsuit, the company’s thus far failed attempt to stop #ProjectWeakLink.

Stericycle’s collaboration with Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry through its collection, transportation and disposal of aborted children and the instruments used to kill them is well documented (see Evidence). Providing this service enables the killing of preborn children. Planned Parenthood depends upon medical waste companies to dispose of dead babies.

Question: What if Stericycle were to stop doing the dirty work of Planned Parenthood?

Answer: Planned Parenthood would be unable to dispose of the babies they kill, and the murder of millions of innocent children by Planned Parenthood would likely halt.


  • Contact Stericycle CEO Charles Alutto to respectfully request Stericycle discontinue providing Planned Parenthood with the services of collecting, transporting, and disposing of aborted children and the instruments used to kill them (sample script for calls and emails: download/view).
    • Phone: 847-607-2004
    • Email: calutto@stericycle.com
    • Fax: 847-367-9493
    • Physical mail: Charles Alutto, Chairman of the Board, Stericycle, Inc., 28161 North Keith Drive, Lake Forest IL 60045
  • Sign the petition to stop Stericycle from collaborating in the deaths of millions of babies by abortion.

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